Guide to Watching Dragon Ball Z High or Stoned

A Guide to Watching Dragon Ball Z High or Stoned

Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) has been a staple of the anime genre since it first debuted in 1989 and continues to be popular today. But have you ever considered watching DBZ high or stoned? If not, then youā€™re missing out! Letā€™s explore why.

The Characters

The characters in DBZ are one of the most memorable aspects of the show. With its unique cast of characters, including Goku, Piccolo, and Vegeta, itā€™s hard not to become attached to them and their individual stories. When you watch DBZ high or stoned, it allows you to really get into these charactersā€™ heads and feel for them on a deeper level. You might even find yourself relating more closely to certain characters than others based on your own life experiences.

The Action

There is no denying that DBZ is full of intense action sequences that will keep your heart racing every time. Whether itā€™s a battle between Goku and Vegeta or a fight between Gohan and Cell, watching these epic moments while high or stoned can make them even more exciting. The heightened emotions caused by the substance can make these already thrilling moments even better as they become more intense and personal for you. Plus the vibrant colors used in this anime series can be truly mesmerizing under the influence!

The Comedy

Although much of DBZ is focused on intense battles between good and evil, there are plenty of comedic moments too! Scenes like Krillin getting hit in the face with an energy beam or Yamcha being beaten up by a Saibaman can provide some lighthearted relief from all the drama happening around them. Watching these scenes while high or stoned amplifies their comedic value as well as gives you a chance to take a break from all the intensity that comes with this show.

Final Words

Dragon Ball Z is an incredibly popular anime series with an iconic cast of characters and plenty of thrilling action sequences that keep viewers coming back for more! Watching DBZ high or stoned can enhance your experience as it allows you to dive deeper into each character’s story while also making those epic fights even more exciting. Not only that but enjoying some comedic relief from characters like Krillin and Yamcha can help provide some balance to all the drama happening around them too! So donā€™t waste any more timeā€”grab some snacks, fire up your TV, get comfortableā€¦and enjoy Dragon Ball Z however way you choose!

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