Marvel Characters Who Smoke Weed

Marvel Characters Who Smoke Weed

As a Marvel fan, you may have noticed that some of your favorite characters occasionally partake in some recreational activities. Specifically, there are several comic book characters who have been known to light up with the green stuff. Let’s explore some of the most popular Marvel characters who enjoy a little puff of the magic dragon. If you are interested in buying quality smoking accessories then at vapo vapes store, you can find state of the art marijuana smoking devices.


Could this character be any more fitting for this list? After all, it is no secret that Deadpool enjoys his fair share of smoking weed. In fact, Deadpool once said, “I love weed! I mean, if anything could solve world peace it would be legal marijuana.” Not only does he enjoy smoking marijuana, but he also uses it to help combat his pain from his regenerative healing factor which gives him an accelerated healing process.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange has been known to smoke marijuana as well. This should come as no surprise seeing as how Doctor Strange is typically seen as a relaxed and calm character in the comics and movies. He even goes so far as to use marijuana to relax and focus before he meditates on various spells and incantations for powerful magical abilities. It seems like Doctor Strange knows exactly what he’s doing when he uses cannabis—he knows how it can help him focus on the task at hand while calming him down at the same time!

Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon is another character who enjoys smoking marijuana from time to time in the comics and movies. He is often seen with a smirk on his face after taking a few puffs off a joint or bowl—it seems like Rocket Raccoon knows exactly how cannabis can help him relax and de-stress after a long day or mission! Not only that, but Rocket also loves getting high with Groot because they both find it hilarious when they start speaking their own made-up language while under the influence of cannabis!

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All in all, there are many Marvel characters who enjoy smoking marijuana every now and then for recreational purposes. Whether it’s Deadpool using it for pain relief or Doctor Strange using it to focus during meditation sessions, there are plenty of reasons why these characters might choose to indulge in some cannabis every now and then. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find yourself lighting up alongside your favorite Marvel character next time you get together with friends! Stay safe and happy blazing!

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